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Marbling Arabians began with an image of an Arabian committed to memory of owner Mrs. Nola Cameron, through the years she has not deviated from her ideal, shaping a small group of Arabians into a collection of outstanding individuals.

The remarkable resemblance of the Arabians of Marbling and their ancestors is unmistakable. Aswan, Nassem, Skowronek, Silver Fire, providers of great beauty and athleticism throughout the world and accumulated at Marbling. All achieved without purchasing from famous overseas studs and mostly in the confinements of Western Australia.

Our Arabians

The  breeding program at Marbling Arabians has taken the stud on a definite path.


Careful and selective breeding has accomplished and maintained generations of beautiful Arabians.



This herd of mares, now several generations on, still maintain their incredible uniformity with large eyes and black skinned noses.



Our Arabians are acomplished Athletes.

The gallery holds photos of our horses and their owners having fun.


Combining the blood of Silver Fire (Naseem x ) and Aswan (Nazeer x Yosreia),

this stud clearly demonstrates the results of years of careful line breeding.

Ideals have been achieved and with more certainty and unity,

with the “hit and miss” factor almost eliminated.

Videos for your enjoyment

The Mares of Marbling

Play Time


Marbling Star of the East | Historical