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Marbling Arabians | Stud Story

Nearly fifty years ago stud owner Nola Cameron set out on a quest to buy horses that reflected the type of Arabian embedded in her mind. Her vision was simple – beautiful Arabian horses. Half a century later, with many accolades under her belt, this diminutive woman, in equal parts both formidable and genteel, has a very humble attitude, especially regarding her success. “The horses,” she believes, “speak for themselves.”

Nola is fascinated with the antiquity of the Arabian and strived to allow its natural attributes to come through. “The breed’s purity has assisted in retaining its beauty over thousands of years.”

Today, with Marbling  Arabians under the guidance of Lynne Bunce, the stud has continued with the lines of Silver Fire (Naseem x ) and Aswan (Nazeer x Yosreia), with unflinching determination and success.  

“It is an honour and a privilege to share my life with this family of Arabians, in previous years I enjoyed showing the horses in halter competitions. Today I concentrate on the breeding program, to maintain a strong link to the ‘Silver Family’ is paramount to me.”