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Our Mares

This herd of mares, now several generations on, still maintain their incredible uniformity with large eyes and black skinned noses.

“These mares are so important and treasured.”

Marbling N’Shala | F 20208

What a wonderful brood mare N’Shala has been, with almost all her progeny progeny successful  equine athletes. We have one very beautiful daughter safely in our paddocks, Marbling Natalia.

Marbling A’phelia | F 20263

A’Phelia is so like her dam, Princess Arkarna (Regale x Shermoon) the progenitor of our ‘A’ line mare family.

Marbling Aria | F 19496

Aria,  an excellent brood mare and as the picture sugests, a very typey Arabian.

Marbling A’mala | F 23241

‘The desert mare’, with a wonderful tight skeletal structure, A’mala is a much prised member of our “A” line mare family.

Marbling Neva | F 23842

A full sister to Marbling Nur and the only daughter of her exquisite dam, Marbling Nicole.

Marbling Noblesse | F 28582

Another mare belonging to our ‘N’ line, powerful and beautiful. Noblesse is out of Marbling Neri and by Marbling Star of the East.

Marbling Adora | F 30957

A daughter of Marbling Aria and the athletic  stallion Ralvon Pilot. Adora will join the broodmare band in 2016.

Bibi’Arna | F 30363

A beautiful daughter of Marbling Nur.



Marbling  A’dell | F 19497

With paddocks full of grey Arabians,

A’dell is our ‘bit of colour’, she is perfect in every way. We have a lovely daughter, A’bel, who will join the broodmare band in 2016.



    Marbling Amanda | F 30958

Tall elegant Amanda, daughter of

Marbling Amelia. Amanda will be visiting Marbling Nur in the 2016 stud season.